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RihannAminata part 2"
Oil on canvas. 3,28ft x 3,28ft. (2012) - SOLD
Oil on canvas. 3,28ft x 3,28ft. (2012) - SOLD
Following SUN 7's entry into the SEEN Studios in January 2012, along with Yaze, the artist launched the widely-acclaimed bYrds show in Paris, sponsored by the SEEN Studios and Charles Alazet. Building on other successful participations in the 4th edition of the Marrakech Biennale and the Urban Art show at the Stade de France in Paris, SUN 7 will now embark on new journeys to London and New York.
After an inspired and productive summer, the artist is looking forward to revealing his new series of works entitled EYES WIDE OPEN (Neo-Pop calligramme series).
Upcoming Shows
Opening Reception: October 3rd - Exhibition will run until November 1st
Featured artists: Jef Aerosol, Invader, Tanc, YZ, Gwenael Salaun, L'Atlas, WK Interact and SUN 7
French Art Studio, 58 Gloucester Road - London sw7 4qt - http://www.thefrenchartstudio.com
CHEVAL BLANC Palace, Courchevel (FR)
Art Performance
GO SLOW: Bamako (ML) - Marrakech (MA) - Ibiza (SP) - Paris (FR)
Ongoing project
CATHERINE AHNELL Art Studio & Gallery, New York (US) Residency
Following the widely-acclaimed show bYrdS in Paris with Yaze, both artists have been personally invited by world-famous icon Catherine Ahnell for a residency at the CATHERINE AHNELL Art Studio & Gallery. The artists' studio will be open to public visitors - private viewings will also be organized upon request.
Oil & Ink on steel. 3,28ft x 4,92ft (2012)
Oil & Ink on steel. 3,28ft x 4,92ft (2012)
Oil & Ink on steel. 3,28ft x 4,92ft (2012)
About the Artist
Born in 1977. Jonas Bournat a.k.a. SUN 7 lives and works in Paris.
SUN 7 is obviously a child of the amalgamation of words and images, poetry and colour, art and the streets. In the early 1990s, he discovered New York tag culture. Spray can in hand, he took on the skin of walls in Paris and New York, and moved on to performances and installations, not only in Paris, Lyon and Marseille, but also in Shanghai, Hong-Kong and Djakarta.
He then started using canvases, signs and metal plaques. His register became permeated by multiple new influences: action painting, Arabic calligraphy, Latino tattoos, but words and calligraphy remained dominant - a mesh of words, a lace of letters, most often indecipherable but which when combined made portraits and self-portraits. Obvious portraits and coded texts created a subtle play of appearance/disappearance, in which everything related to calligraphy, glyphs and ideograms became as unreal as can be nurturing a deep sense of interest and mystery.
© Gilles De Bure - Espace Culturel Louis Vuitton, Paris (FR)

Should you wish to receive further information on the artist, his works available or booking opportunities for public or private art events, please send an e-mail at: sun7@kukkastudio.com
Wishing you an inspired week,
SUN 7 and his team

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